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Batsmen use a guard to ensure that they are standing in the same position for all the deliveries they face from a certain bowler. By scratching the same mark on to the pitch every time they go out to bat, and placing their feet just behind it, a batsman can be sure they are in their desired position.

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Cricketers take guard to mark their position on the popping crease relative to the stumps so they can adjust their stance while batting. A batsman usually takes umpire’s help for taking guard. The common guard positions are leg, middle, and leg-middle. An easy way to mark the guard is using spikes of the shoe.

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As a batsman, your guard is an important thing to consider. This is the point on the wicket where you stand, in front of the stumps. There are a number of choices to take and, while it may seem like there are small margins involved, they can make the difference between being dismissed and staying at your crease.

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Most batsmen find it convenient to take a leg stump guard, because then their head is in line with the off stump and judging the line of deliveries from that position is easier. Traditionally, when you walk down to the crease, you request the umpire, loud and clear, which guard you would prefer – leg stump, middle stump or two legs.

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Which ‘guard’ you take is an important detail when it comes to batting. Taking guard basically refers to where you stand once you get into your batting stance. More specifically, it refers to the line that your feet are on. If you take an off-stump guard, the front of your feet should be in line with the off stump.

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Ideally the batsmen is supposed to keep his RIGHT foot (if its a right handed batsmen) and LEFT foot (if its a left handed batsmen) to the stump that he takes guard. This allows him to judge the line of the ball.

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Abdominal guard or "box" or an L Guard for male batsmen and wicket-keepers (often referred to as a cup, box or abdo guard). It is usually constructed from high density plastic with a padded edge, shaped like a hollow half-pear, and inserted into the jockstrap with cup pocket underwear of the batsmen and wicket-keeper. This is used to protect the crotch area against impact from the ball.