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Basketball Fouls & Referee Signals

Basketball violations include such things as: double dribbling ; traveling ; over and back ; 3-seconds in the lane ; 10-seconds in the backcourt; These are just a few of the violations that occur during a game. Common basketball fouls with definitions

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Browse 73 basketball foul signals stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Basketball Official Rob Rorke signals a one and one foul shooting situation during the game as the New Hampshire Wildcats take on the UConn Huskies... Referee, Sean Corbin signals for a technical foul during Game Two of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland...


use 1 or 2 fingers after signal 14 13 14 15 3-point field goal 16 17 18 Bonus free throw for 2nd throw, drop one arm – for 2 throws, use 1 arm with 2 fingers – for three throws, use 1 arm with 3 fingers ® OFFICIAL NFHS BASKETBALL SIGNALS Start clock Stop clock 60-second time-out 30-second time-out Stop clock for jump/held ball Stop clock for foul

Basketball: Referee Signals

Referee BasketballViolations Signals. Walking or traveling. (not bouncing the ball while walking) Illegal or double dribble. Carrying or Palming the ball. Over and back (half-court violation) Five second violation. Ten seconds (taking more than 10 seconds to get the ball over half court) Kicking (intentionally kicking the ball)

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Fouls/Violations 1. Use proper signals at the spot of the foul. 2. After calling a foul, be sure to notify your partner(s) of who was fouled when the foul is a shooting foul or the foul results in free throws - prior to reporting foul to table. 3. Stay engaged during dead ball situations.

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Prior to signaling the type of foul committed by a defender, a referee can call the play dead and indicate who committed the foul using the bird dog signal. Extend your right arm in the air with your fist clenched, then extend your left arm, with fingers straight, pointing at the defender who committed the foul.

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OFFICIAL NFHS BASKETBALL SIGNALS Directional signal Not closely guarded Stop clock Visible counts Gcol counts Stop clock tor jump,/hald ball Stop clock tor tool Stop clock tor tool (optional bird dog) go-second Beckoning substitutes Point(s) scored usel or 2 fingers after signal 14 6Ckgecond time-out 3-point field goal

BLARGE: Block/Charge Double Foul Call

Also, please review the 2009 NCAA Basketball Case Book, p. 39 A.R. 95 for Double Foul play administration and pp.69, 70 A.R. 172 for Blarge specific plays. Blarge Management Key Points: Have a thorough pre‐game. Outside officials hold preliminary signals.

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To signal a charging foul has occurred, the referee will emphatically point with their entire arm towards the other end of the court to signal that the possession will be "going the other way." Charges are exciting and energizing for a team, and can easily swing the momentum of a game at any given point. It also is a way for smaller defenders to even the playing field against taller and stronger players.