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Compare Strings Tool - Tennis Warehouse

Choose the two strings you want to compare. Comparison automatically appears when you change either string. Differences between strings are all shown as the percentage difference of string 2 to string 1. See Also: Similar Strings Tool; String Stiffness Tool; String Spin Potential Tool

Tennis String Comparison Tool - Tennis Warehouse

A tennis string comparison tool that compares and indexes each string releative to all other strings in stiffness, energy return, tension loss, peak impact force, impact tension increase, dwell time, and deflection.

Tennis Warehouse University Tennis String Finder

A tennis string comparison tool comparing string on lab tested performance criteria like power, energy return, stiffness, softness, control, comfort, shock, inter-string friction, ball-to-string friction and spin potential.

Stringing Machine Comparison Chart - Tennis Warehouse

Tennis Warehouse Tennis Warehouse Tennis Warehouse ... Stringing Machine Comparison Chart. ... Stand String Clamps; Gamma 6900 ELS $ Electronic Pull: 2 Point: Floor ...

Babolat RPM Blast and Volkl Cyclone Comparison - Tennis Warehouse

The stiffness of a string not only impacts how fast, high and far a ball will fly when struck (think power and control), but it also influences the type of feedback and the amount of shock sent to your hand (think feel and comfort). In our Tennis Warehouse University string lab, Cyclone posted an 18 percent lower stiffness score than RPM Blast.

Racquet Comparison Tool - Tennis Warehouse

The Racquet Comparison Tool compares properties of any two racquets. The comparison parameters include both statically and dynamically measured performance variables. The dynamic specs are measured during the impact between a ball and racquet. These include power potential, sweet zone size, and vibration frequency.

Tennis String - Tennis Warehouse

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String Spin Potential Tool - Tennis Warehouse

The higher the ratio, the greater the spin potential. If the string-to-string friction is low, the main strings will slide along the crosses and snap-back. If the string-to-ball friction is high, the strings will grab the ball during the snap-back. This combination adds incremental spin to the ball.

The 10 Best Tennis Strings for 2021 | A Complete Guide

However, with more than a handful of polyester strings on the market, one string stands out as the best tennis string for topspin, and that’s Babolat RPM Blast. Babolat RPM Blast First, as a polyester tennis string, the strings are slick and quickly snap back into place upon contact, helping to generate topspin.