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As in most sporting competitions, volleyball employs referees in order to control the flow of the game and enforce the rules. The volleyball referee team includes the first referee, the second referee, the scorer and two line judges. Without the referee team, the fast-paced game could easily get out of hand if disputes regarding rules were to arise.

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Volleyball Officials | What Each Of Their Roles Are 1st Referee. The 1st referee is the official that you will often see standing at the top of the podium on the opposite... 2nd Referee. As noted above the 2nd referee’s main purpose is to assist the 1st referee in ensuring the game runs as... Line ...

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Officials & Their Duties in Volleyball Referees. The referee is the individual at the center of the court, dressed in black and white stripes. A referee’s... Scorekeeper. The scorekeeper creates official records of volleyball games. Before play begins, the scorekeeper records... Assistant ...

Volleyball Officials Duties of Referees in Volleyball

Volleyball Officials. Duties of Referees in Volleyball. The first referee is the official on the referee stand. Of the volleyball officials, this is the referee that's in charge of the match. The first referee is also referred to as the R1. R1 is the head official of the match. The R1 has final say on all calls.

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Volleyball officials at the school, club, national, and international level for matches all have officials responsible for refereeing the match, keeping score and watching the court during rallies to observe, moderate and determine which of the two teams wins and making sure both teams compete fairly by following official volleyball rules.

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Verifies the players are aligned according to the line-up at the beginning of the game and as needed throughout. Supervises the teams’ conduct in the bench area and reports it to the 1st Referee if needed. Authorizes, controls or rejects game interruptions.

What Are the Duties of the Officials in Volleyball?

The duties of the officials in volleyball include keeping time, administering substitutions, whistling violations, giving sanctions and communicating effectively with players, coaches, the scoring table and line judges. The officiating crew consists of the first referee, second referee, scorekeeper, libero tracker and line judges.

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The court referee he checks the appearance of the players, dresses and finger nails he checks the ball and other equipment h'e conducts the toss for the teams to choose ends he controls and enForces the rules of the game he cautions the players '. he penalizes any inFringement he keeps scores / records of the game. 2.